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Modern Indian Fashion

Fashion trends, like any other, are subject to change over a period of time. In India, men and women have evolved along with their taste in clothing giving rise to new styles that draw their inspiration from traditional Indian wear and western alike. With vintage classics making a comeback in the new era of fashion, it is hardly unlikely that they’re ever going to truly be “out of style”.
Bohemian prints and traditional patterns are always in great demand, regardless of the style of clothing. Pairing saree blouses with palazzos, shirt dresses, and hippie dresses indicate a reinterpretation of the traditional rules of fashion as we know them. Indians have transitioned into a stage where comfortable and chic exist simultaneously instead of having to be at odds with each other. With the rising trends in veganism and minimalism directly affecting the fashion choices in the more metropolitan of areas.
However, in yet another vertical, with the rise of online purchases, Indians seem to have become brand conscious as well. The need for designer clothes has increased drastically, perhaps owing to the fact that designer wear is much more accessible than it used to be.
People have become more accustomed to customization and prefer to have their own individualistic styles, as opposed to following specific fads. But as fashion continues to evolve and take different shapes, with newer generations, shall arise new trends!

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