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Indian Fashion Transformation from the 60’s to the 80’s

Indian Fashion today is a combined statement of modern designs and ancient fashion culture. We still use clothing concepts that were created decades prior, but as years pass by, we’ve modernized them to feed ongoing trends and rise above the industry.

Even though the fashion industry itself is a very modern concept, Indian clothing was passed down to us from ancient times. Traditional Indian clothing included the beloved Saree, Ghagra Cholis and Dhotis for men.

One distinctive essence of Indian Fashion is embroidery and a lot of the Fashion was influenced by Bollywood.

The 60’s in India saw a lot of heavy dressing styles and accessories and draping sarees a bit tighter that usually worn. This era also saw the dawn of swimsuits in India. The winged eyeliner was a trend in this period because of Bollywood movies like Brahmachari.

The 70’s was wild! It was a period where fashion literally exploded and experimenting with Clothes was on a steady rise. This era saw brightly colored clothes that were inspired by Western Culture. Crop tops, mini dresses, varied colors of sarees and even bikinis were popular! Men adorned bell bottoms or flair pants and usually wore buttoned shirts with the first few buttons left open!

In the 80’s, a lot of Fashion schools popped up in India, which paved the way for an expansion in the Fashion Industry. The Bollywood brought upon the country the dawn of ‘Disco’ and thus this era saw a lot of leather jackets, glittery and shimmery costumes, and sarees in various colors of chiffon material. The 80’s saw a lot of Indo-Western fashion come together.

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