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A brief history of this wonderful garment

Some of the earliest mentions of the glorious saree, are from the Vedas and records from the Indus Valley Civilization dating back to 3300 B.C.E1300 B.C.E, So, It’s no wonder that this wonderful garment is intertwined in our culture the way it is.

Here’s an interesting fact: Ancient Hindu belief stated that stitching cloth made it impure, and that’s precisely why the saree gained its popularity as an acceptable attire.

The ‘saree’ was initially a set of 3, which consisted of a 4-8 meter cloth piece to be draped around the lower part of the body, a cloth to be used as a chest band and a piece to cover the shoulders or head.

The Persians introduced the art of stitching in India, that’s when women in India began to stitch short jacket like clothes to cover their upper half. Over time, these ‘jackets’ were made to be fit more snugly to be worn with sarees and loosely fitted for kurtas.

As of today, there are close to a 100 variations of wearing the saree and countless types of it, with regards to the material, location it hails from, the design and the way to drape it.  

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